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  • Welcome To The All New SchnittShow.com
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Friday, February 05, 2016
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New York's 710 WOR-AM Announces the Debut of New Morning Show
"Len Berman and Todd Schnitt in the Morning"
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Friday, February 5, 2016
  [Video] - RESULTS ARE IN! Schnitt's Annual Super Bowl Egg Test Has Predicted a Winner
  [Video] - Mayor de Blasio Speaks on Crane Which Fell in New York City
  [NSFW:Language] - Video of Crane Falling in Tribeca, NY
  New Hampshire Tattoo Artist Offers Free 'Trump Stamps'
  Dueling Tattoo Parlors Offer Free Ink For Trump And Bernie Fans
  Obama Says U.S. 'Should Be Proud' Of Economic Progress
  Dow drops 250, S&P down 2% amid tech, biotech pressure
  Flashback: Sell everything! 2016 will be a 'cataclysmic year,' warns RBS
  Citi: World economy seems trapped in 'death spiral'
  [Video] - MSNBC's Chris Matthews Apologizes After Saying Guest Knows His 'Sh**'
  [Video] - Trump Claims China "Ripping the Schnitt Out of the Sea"
  [Video] - Donald Trump In New Hampshire: 'Tell Them To Go F*** Themselves'
  Bernie Sanders to appear on 'Saturday Night Live' with Larry David
  Wednesday Ratings: 'Madoff' Movie Opens Modestly for ABC
  Bernie Madoff's luxury watches are up for auction
  Nearly $100,000 of Jewelry Once Owned by Bernie and Ruth Madoff Being Auctioned
  [Auction Alert] - Bid on Bernie Madoff Items To Pay Back Victims
  [Video] - Moderator Hugs Candidates After Dem Debate
  Two Scientists Have Attempted to Study Resting Bitchface
  Powell, Rice staffers received classified info via personal email
  Clinton On Powell, Rice Classified Emails: 'It's An Absurdity'
  Clinton accused of invoking 'everybody did it' defense on email scandal
  Hillary Helps a Bank-and Then It Funnels Millions to the Clintons
  Clinton Losing Her National Lead Over Bernie Sanders, Poll Shows
  NH Poll: Trump Slipping, Rubio Rising
  Voicemails of Cruz's Campaign Saying Carson Dropped Out
  More crazy turns in viral video of Miami-Dade cop stopped by a driver
  Scientists have discovered what causes Resting Bitch Face
  SHKRELI'S LAWYER: My client 'is a hero'
Thursday, February 4, 2016
  [Video] - 'Oh my God!' Bernie Sanders flinches after hearing man collapse
  Bernie Sanders Tries to Help Man Who Collapses at Campaign Event
  Earlier This Month: RBS Warns of 'Cataclysmic Markets'
  [Video] - Blast blows hole in commercial plane over Somalia; 1 falls and dies
  US officials looking to Al Shabaab as suspect in explosion
  Donald Trump blames dirty politics for Iowa finish
  Trump: Cruz 'stole' IA, what he did was disgusting, 'fraud'
  Trump rips 'dishonest' and 'deceptive' Cruz mailer
  Cruz On Carson's 'Dirty Trick' Claim: I'm Not Gonna Scapegoat My Staff
  [Video] - Ted Cruz: Trump would nuke Denmark if he were president
  As rivals focus on New Hampshire, Trump takes a detour to Little Rock
  Trump's plane makes emergency landing
  Trump's Debatable Net Worth
  The FAA says it will shoot down your drone if you fly within 36 miles of the Super Bowl
  Drones banned from flying within 32 miles of Super Bowl
  Someone nominated Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize
  Des Moines Register: Something smells in the Democratic Party
  Border agent: 'We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether'
  CARS LINED UP OUT OF TOWN as Hordes Attend Trump NH Rally
  Chris Wallace Turned Away From Trump Event
  [Video] - Chris Christie Lays Into Rubio Before New Hampshire Vote
  CNN/WMUR New Hampshire Republican poll: Full results
  Governor Scott Declares State of Emergency Over Zika Virus
  Martin Shkreli pleads the Fifth, then tweets about 'imbeciles' in Congress
  Martin Shkreli reveals why he bought the $2 million Wu-Tang Clan album
  Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Are Arguing Over Who's More Progressive
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