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  • Welcome To The All New SchnittShow.com
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Friday, April 24, 2015
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Friday, April 24, 2015
  New York's Statue of Liberty evacuated after bomb threat
  Statue of Liberty Deemed Safe After Evacuation: Source
  [Video] - Mother of teen who took selfie video of fight speaks out
  [Video] - Greatest Love of All, anyone?
  The Hillary Clinton Lies List
  Freddie Gray death: Protesters, police scuffle in Baltimore
  [Video] - Biggest Freddie Gray Rally to Come, Malik Shabaaz Enters Fray
  Hogan sends 32 Maryland state troopers to Baltimore protests
  Freddie Gray's Seatbelt Was Not Fastened After Arrest: Police Union
  Malik Shabazz Time to Build Black Army
  [Video] - Diane Sawyer Talks "Strong" Bruce Jenner, Teases New Interview
  Bruce Jenner To Watch Interview Twice With Different Family Members
  [Video] - Memo: Violations benefited Tulsa reserve deputy
  Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal
  NYT Reporter: Hillary Can't Just Declare Everything 'Off-Limits'
  Under Regulators' Scrutiny, Comcast and Time Warner Cable End Deal
  Clinton Cash Author Is Targeting Jeb Bush Next
  Temkin Group Research Shows that Consumers Most Often Have Bad Experience With Comcast
  2014 Temkin Customer Service Ratings
  LISTEN: Man's plea to cancel Comcast goes viral
  Metalhead Jihadist Pioneer Adam Gadahn Meets His Maker
  [Video] - Inside the fight to free Warren Weinstein
  [Video] - Judge Napolitano: 'War Crime' for Obama Drone Strikes to Have Killed American
  SkyWest Now Says Several Passengers Were Ill On Diverted Flight
  15 Passengers Checked by EMS on SkyWest Flight
  Native American actors reportedly walk off set of Adam Sandler movie
  [Video] - Last stage collapse victim leaves hospital
Thursday, April 23, 2015
  Secret Service Waited 13 Months to Fix George H.W. Bush's Alarm System
  [Video] - U.S. drone strike accidentally killed 2 hostages
  Obama regrets drone strike that killed hostages but hails US for transparency
  Killing of Americans Deepens Debate Over Use of Drone Strikes
  [Video] - Flashback of Adam Gadahn Renouncing Citizenship
  Jon Karl Grills Earnest over 'Justified Killing' of American Citizens
  Michael Brown's family files wrongful death lawsuit against Ferguson
  [Video] - Former U.S. General David Petraeus gets probation, fine in leak case
  [Video] - Warren Weinstein begged for his freedom in Proof of Life video
  Senate Confirms Loretta Lynch as Attorney General After Long Delay
  1 of any 3 Autopsies Should Stop Wrongful Death Suit in Brown Case
  Michael Brown's family files civil lawsuit, seeks $75,000 in Ferguson case
  Holder Admits 'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' Claim Was Bogus
  Baltimore police union's 'lynch mob' comment exacerbates Freddie Gray protests
  Police clash with protesters for second night in Baltimore
  Hogan sends 32 Maryland state troopers to Baltimore protests
  Baltimore PD chief: Cops in Gray arrest "not out of control"
  [Video] - Baltimore Police Officer Salvatore Rivieri and skateboarder
  Officer Rivieri Was Later Fired Over Questionable Confrontation
  Jury Shown Photo of Tsarnaev Flipping Off Court Camera
  Boston Marathon bomber flips the bird at camera
  Facebook DOES collect the text you decided against posting
  ​Deputy who fired gun instead of taser was investigated in 2009
  Marijuana users may have 'false memories'
  Rand Paul's son cited for DUI after car crash
Wednesday, April 22, 2015
  Facing manslaughter charge, Tulsa reserve deputy heading to Bahamas
  SkyWest flight makes emergency landing in Buffalo
  SkyWest plane with sick passenger makes emergency landing in Buffalo, N.Y.
  SkyWest plane forced to land in Buffalo, N.Y., after door opens
  [Video] - Iran Nuclear Talks Resume in Lausanne After Deadline Passes
  No injuries after flight from Chicago diverted to land in Buffalo
  Iranian Warships Arrive Near Yemen
  Iran: The US is a threat to us
  Is Iran using American as pawn in nuclear talks?
  How Iran outfoxes U.S.
  [Video] - New video, angle on Baltimore man's mystery death
  [Video] - How did Freddie Gray injure his spine?
  [Video] - Baltimore Mayor 'Angry' About Freddie Gray's Unexplained Death After Arrest
  Baltimore police identify officers suspended after Freddie Gray's death
  [Video] - William Murphy: "Freddie Gray Guilty of Not Running Fast Enough:
  [Video] - Witness: Police had Freddie Gray bent up like a pretzel
  [Video] - Arresting officers provide statements in Freddie Gray death
  'F*ck You! F*ck That! F*ck CNN!' Baltimore Protester Grabs Mic Live on CNN
  NFL Concussion Settlement Is Given Final Approval
  [Video] - Brian Williams wants back in as limbo drags on
  NBC Waiting for Brian Williams Apology as Firing Remains Possible
  Brian Williams Walks Dog, Paparazzi is There
  Jury Shown Photo of Tsarnaev Flipping Off Court Camera
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