Monday June 18, 2018
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Friday, June 15, 2018
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Friday, June 15, 2018
  Casey Bartholomew in for Schnitt
  NC dad buys billboard after top-ranked son not named valedictorian
  Report: Modest Rental Homes Out of Reach for Many in Vermont
  The hourly wage needed to rent a two-bedroom home in every state
  Mystery over empty seats at World Cup game between Uruguay and Egypt
  Trump says NFL players protesting racial injustice don't have 'a real issue'
  [Video] - Donald Trump Says No NFL Players Reached out After Pardon Offer
  Judge Orders Paul Manafort Jailed Before Trial, Citing New Obstruction Charges
  Trump defends Manafort after bail revoked: 'Very unfair!'
  Americans Get Busy at the Office, Study Finds
  Childhood vaccination exemptions rise in parts of the US
  Should Parents Be Worried About 'Fortnite: Battle Royale?'
  Girl Admitted To Rehab For Fortnite Addiction
Thursday, June 14, 2018
  Greg Knapp in for Schnitt
  IG report on Clinton email probe faults Comey for being 'insubordinate,' agents for anti-Trump texts
  Email investigation 'cast a cloud' over the FBI, report says
  Comey: Nothing in IG report 'makes me think we did the wrong thing'
  IG Report Reveals FBI Agent Strzok Reassured Lisa Page During Campaign: 'We'll Stop' Trump
  James Comey: This Report Says I Was Wrong. But That's Good for the F.B.I.
  James Comey didn't know Anthony Weiner was married to Clinton aide Huma Abedin
  FBI orders bias training for employees after latest embarrassing emails
  WSJ Editorial: The FBI is redacting documents without credible justification.
  'Foreign actors' accessed Hillary Clinton emails, documents show
  [Video] - Woman gets head stuck in truck tailpipe at music festival
  [Video] - White House defends Trump's salute of North Korean general: 'It's a common courtesy'
  [Video] - Trump returns salute of North Korean general at summit, state media footage reveals
  Trump, in Fox News interview, sets aside Kim Jong Un's human rights abuses
  Trump on making deals: 2013
  Kathy Griffin calls out Kevin Hart for not attacking Trump
  James Comey wanted special counsel for the Clinton email investigation
  This Is a Very Bad Report for the FBI
Wednesday, June 13, 2018
  Pat Campbell in for Schnitt
  Trump Blasts NBC, CNN Over Summit Coverage: 'Our Country's Biggest Enemy is the Fake News'
  Jamie Foxx 'emphatically denies' report he sexually assaulted woman in Las Vegas in 2002
  Jamie Foxx Accused in 2002 penis slapping incident... He Denies It and Will Fight Back Legally
  Robert De Niro's anti-Trump Tonys speech slammed as 'disgusting' by actor Robert Davi
  Anthony Bourdain's estranged wife and the mother of his child breaks her silence: 'I hope you are having a good trip, wherever you are'
  Friends 'were worried about Anthony Bourdain's crazy love for Asia Argento' before she was spotted embracing a journalist in Rome, and say the chef was 'giddy' in the days before his suicide
  Paparazzo who snapped Asia Argento with French reporter regrets shots
  Rose McGowan Defends "Pillar of Strength" Asia Argento in Open Letter
  Anthony Bourdain Took Chantix, Side Effects Have Been Suicidal Thoughts. Will Cable News Give Major Advertiser a Pass?
  Lost iPhone X survives TWO WEEKS in a river before being returned to owner
  Rollo Tomassi
  WaPo: Pruitt enlisted EPA aide, donors to find his wife a job
  Alec Baldwin on a 2020 bid: 'If I ran, I would win'
  Gayle King thinks #MeToo needs 'due process'
  Two Norwegian lawmakers nominate Trump for Nobel Peace Prize
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