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  • Welcome To The All New SchnittShow.com
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016
  'Lick' your cat with the purr-fectly crazy Licki Brush on Kickstarter
  Inside Casey Kasem's Sad, Bizarre Final Days
  How Bill Cosby's Slipping Eyesight Factors Into His Criminal Defense
  [Video] - Bill Cosby, Jared Fogle and other pitchmen gone bad
  Judge sentences 'serial child molester' Hastert to 15 months
  Dennis Hastert Has Honorary Degree Revoked
  [Video] - Cosby and the Case of Andrea Cosntand
  The prosecutor undone by a 'secret agreement' with Bill Cosby
  Bill Cosby Waves Arraignment in Case
  [Video] - Gloria Allred Speaks After Judge Rules Cosby Case Going To Trial
  [Video] - Gloria Allred Hiccups During Cosby Presser
  [Video] - Judge in Bill Cosby case sets trial on sex-assault charges for July
  [Video] - October: Bernie's Gaffe With Hillary's "Damn Emails"
  [Video] - Sanders Gets Creepy on "Messy" Democracy
  [Video] - Barbra Boxer Claims Bernie Supporters Made Her Fear for Her Life
  [Video] - Clinton Warns Trump 'Could Bankrupt America Like He's Bankrupted His Companies'
  [Video] - Clinton on Trump: ' Last Thing We Need Is a Bully in the Pulpit'
  [Video] - Bill Clinton Wants Donald Trump to Release His Tax Returns
  Bill O'Reilly is planning to sue ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy for $10M
  [Video] - O'Reilly Warns Trump: Lay Off 'Tawdry' Clinton Attacks
  [Video] - Trump Attack Ad Asks "Is Hillary Really Protecting Women?"
  Sanders names Cornel West, Keith Ellison to DNC platform committee
  Bill Ayers' Greenwich Village townhouse explosion
  Bill Ayers Endorses Bernie Sanders in September
  [Video] - Sanders: Trump Is a Demagogue, Bigot; Very Good At Insulting People
  [Audio] - Trump in 2006: I 'sort of hope' real estate market tanks
  Thief cut hole through bank in safe deposit box heist
  Images of Maspeth Federal Savings Break-in in NY
  Polls show Clinton, Trump tied in record un-favorability
  "Plastic Surgery" Model Has Six Ribs Removed For Smaller Waist
  [Video] - VA secretary: Disney doesn't measure wait times, so why should VA?
  Disney Responds to VA Secretary's Comments About Measuring Wait Times
  [Video] - Bob McDonald Defends Comment Comparing Wait Times to Disneyland
  McDonald: I 'Deeply Regret' Creating Impression I Downplayed Vets' Issues
Monday, May 23, 2016
  Creepy Photo Of Egypt Air Flight Attendant Posted From A Few Years Ago
  Baltimore Police Officer Edward Nero found not guilty of all charges
  [Video] - March: West Baltimore CVS, destroyed in riot, reopens
  Timeline Following Arrest of Freddie Gray
  Who is the judge in the Freddie Gray hearing?
  Who's Next? Trial Dates For Officers In Freddie Gray Death
  [Video] - Flashback Baltimore Mayor on Appeasing Rioters
  [Video] - Rep. Elijah Cummings Calls For Calm Ahead Of Nero Verdict
  Prosecutor has ties to Gray family lawyer, comes from police family
  Attorney: Freddie Gray Family Respects Verdict
  Baltimore Ready to Respond to Possible Protests After Gray Case Ruling
  Baltimore FOP Statement on Nero Ruling
  Mark Cuban Open to Being Trump's (Or Clinton's) VP
  Mark Cuban Discusses Being Hilary Clinton's Vice President On 'Meet the Press'
  Hypocrite! Leo takes private jet to collect environmental award
  Al Gore's Hypocrisy: The Climate Crusader Profits from Fossil Fuels
  Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth'? -- A $30,000 Utility Bill
  EgyptAir Flight Mystery Deepened by Absence of Responsibility Claim
  EgyptAir Plane Shows Internal Explosion, Telling Grafitti E0
  New ABC News/WaPo National Poll
  The 'Dead Poets Society' Spoof On 'Saturday Night Live' Was A Gory Bloodfest
  [Video] - SNL Rips Sanders and Clinton in Latest Spoof
  VA Secretary Bob McDonald: Veteran wait times not what really matters
  Veterans languish and die on a VA hospital's list
  VA inspector general admits wait times contributed to vets' deaths
Friday, May 20, 2016
  NRA Endorses Donald Trump for President
  Trump Aims to Assure Wary Gun Rights Supporters With NRA Speech
  [Video] - Wait, Rachel Maddow Loves Guns and Shooting Ranges?
  How Donald Trump's Views on Guns Shifted Over Time
  [Video] - Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban for Clinton's Veep?
  White House on lockdown after person shot outside
  Trump at NRA: 'We're getting rid of gun-free zones' if I'm elected
  [Video] - Police Fatally Shoot Man With Knife in Midtown Manhattan
  NYPD checking ammo after knifeman's jacket stops cops' bullets
  FL Teacher Suspended for 'Inappropriate' Trump Question on Final Exam
  [Video] - E Cigarette Explodes In Man's Mouth
  Gym Tells Woman Her Breasts Too Big
  [Video] - EgyptAir flight data shows smoke alerts before crash
  Searchers find body parts, seats, luggage from Egyptian jet
  How good is security at Charles de Gaulle airport?
  US Officials Say Nothing Official, But Terrorism Likely in EgyptAir Flight MS804
  Former CIA director fears the EgyptAir crash was an 'inside job'
  [Video] - Trump mocks Christie's weight at fundraiser: 'No more Oreos'
  [Video] - Woman Takes Bat To Pickup Truck For Taking Too Long At The Pump
  [Video] - Eyewitness Describes Shooting at WH
  [Video] - Uber Shooter Jason Dalton Removed From Court After Odd Outburst
  [Video] - Robert Gates Says ISIS Fight a Year Behind Where It Should Be
  [Video] - Trump: I Can 'Practically Guarantee' a Bomb Downed EgyptAir Flight
  Democrats, not Republicans, may be on verge of unraveling
  [Video] - Senator Boxer Claims Bernie Supporters Made Her Fear for Her Life
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