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Thursday, May 05, 2016
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Thursday, May 5, 2016
  [Video] - Obama assesses Flint water crisis up close
  DOJ to nix 'felon,' 'convict' terms deemed stigmatizing
  [Video] - Clinton may be ordered to testify in records case
  Clinton calls Trump a 'loose cannon,' risky choice for president
  Priebus Names Trump Presumptive Nominee, Calls For Unity
  Flashback: Trump's Plan to Make Mexico Pay For Wall
  [Video] - Vincente Fox of Mexico "Not going to pay for that f*****g wall"
  Vicente Fox apologizes to Trump for wall outburst
  27 Republicans who won't back Trump as nominee
  Is Ben Sasse Considering a Third Party Run?
  [Video] - Trump begins weighing VP options
  Romney skipping GOP convention, joins list of presidents, leaders
  George W. and George H.W. Bush to skip GOP convention
  McCain on tape: Trump damages my reelection hopes
  Ben Howe Slams Trump: Hillary Clinton Better Than "Having A Maniac
  Tow truck owner refused service to woman because she supports Bernie Sanders
  Facebook goes nuclear on Trump-loving tow truck driver
  Tow Truck Company's Facebook Page Under Heavy Fire Now
  [Video] - Paul Ryan: 'I'm just not ready' to back Donald Trump
  Gov. Martinez not endorsing Trump - at least not yet
  Portman 'not interested' in Trump VP slot
  SC's Haley 'not interested' in being Trump's vice president
  Trump says he would consider Kasich, Rubio for VP choice
  Trump's Future VP Will Have to Win the Approval of Dr. Ben Carson
  De La Hoya: Here's how Trump cheats at golf; Trump responds
  FBI interviews Clinton aides including Huma Abedin
  Clinton camp: 'Unfathomable' that hacker breached email server
  [Video] - Chris Matthews Caught on Hot Mic Ogling Melania Trump
  FBI nab man who sprayed poison on food at Whole Foods
  Family Robbed After Hiring Movers From Craigslist
  [Video] - CNN Airs Compilation of Trump's Worst Moments
Wednesday, May 4, 2016
  Trump Wins - Sends Message With Stones Song
  [Video] - Ted Cruz suspends campaign after Indiana loss
  Kasich to Suspend Campaign, Leaving Donald Trump as GOP Nominee
  Reince Priebus Tweets on Trump Victory, Attempts Unification
  #NeverTrump voters consider their options, including Hillary Clinton
  Glenn Beck Invites America to Join Him in Another Fast
  [Video] - Watch Glenn Beck smother Cheetos on his face to look like Trump
  Memes Explode After Cruz Drops Out of Race
  Sanders wins Indiana, but Clinton looks to November
  [Video] - Trump Praises Cruz in Victory Speech
  NY Daily News Paints Trump Nomination as End of GOP
  Prince died amid frantic plans for drug addiction treatment
  [Video] - Trump: Cruz Endorsement Would Be 'Nice' but 'Not Necessary'
  Meet the Republicans Who Say They'll Vote for Hillary Clinton
  Stunned Cruz supporters ask: What happened?
  CNN/ORC Poll: Clinton leads Trump by double-digits
  Federal judge opens the door to Clinton deposition in email case
  [Video] - Trump 'most likely' will fundraise in general election
  [Video] - Trump Teases Possible VP Requirements
  [Video] - Ding Dong! Alligator At The Door!
  [Video] - Trump Refuses to Apologize For Rafael Cruz/JFK Smear
  [Video] - Rafael Cruz Calls Trump's Lee Harvey Oswald Allegations 'Ludicrous'
  [Video] - John Kasich drops out of presidential race
  Cops Got Unverified Tip About Prince and Cocaine in 2011
  Trump: I'd vet Kasich for VP
  [Video] - Bernstein: There Will Be 'Very Damaging' Leaks From Hillary Email
Tuesday, May 3, 2016
  [Video] - Trump accuses Cruz's father of helping JFK's assassin
  Rafael Cruz & Lee Harvey Oswald: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
  Cruz Surrogate: Donald Trump is Just 'Hillary Clinton With a Penis'
  [Video] - Cruz Explodes on Trump After JFK Accusations
  [Video] - Cruz Compares Donald Trump To Back to the Future Villain
  [Video] - Cruz Goes Off on Trump Over STDs and Vietnam Claim
  Alleged Mistress: Bill Clinton Is Hung Like A Child
  Cruz Debate on TPP Bill
  Mayor to the Clintons: Stay out of Logan, West Virginia
  Days after visit, Fidel Castro slams President Obama
  Cuban arrested for waving U.S. flag as cruise ship entered Havana
  [Video] - Trump slams Hillary Clinton for 'off the reservation' remarks
  [Video] - Clinton Says 'Off The Reservation' Remark Wasn't About Her Husband
  [Video] - Ted Cruz's Bad Day Pt 1 - "Are you Canadian?"
  [Video] - Ted Cruz's Bad Day Pt 2 - "YOU SUCK!!!"
  [Video] - Ted Cruz's Bad Day Pt 3 - The Fish Monster
  Death raises questions: Did Prince die of an overdose?
  [Video] - Whoops! Carly Fiorina falls off stage
  [Video] - Clinton Apologizes to Coal Country Over 'Out of Business' Comment
  [Video] - Cruz Ally: Trump Is 'Hillary Clinton With A Penis'
  [Video] - Woman Chases Out Creep Who Harassed Her At Target
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