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Friday, January 19, 2018
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Friday, January 19, 2018
  Congress appears to be at an impasse with a government shutdown looming
  Trump & Schumer make progress, but no deal
  [Video] - OMB Director Mick Mulvaney: Obama "Weaponized" Government Shutdown In 2013, "Will Look Very Different" This Time
  [Video] - 'Schumer Shutdown'
  With shutdown looming, Trump cancels trip to Mar-a-Lago for now
  Everything We Know About Trump's Mar-a-Lago Anniversary Party
  Poll: 48 Percent Say GOP, Trump Would Be at Fault for Shutdown
  Quinnipiac poll puts shutdown blame slightly more on Democrats than Republicans
  Congress gets paid during a shutdown
  U.S. Government Shutdown Would Affect Operations At Health Agencies, Including CDC, NIH
  Flu may be spread just by breathing, new study says
  Flu cases reach record high in St. Louis County
  CNN poll: DACA not worth a shutdown, except to Democrats
  Republicans rally for public release of memo on FISA abuses
  [Video] - Rep. Gaetz: "Heads Will Roll" at DOJ and FBI When Details Of FISA Abuse Memo Come Out
  Rep. Ted Poe calls on Trump to postpone signing FISA reauthorization until surveillance memo is released
  US Commandos Unable To Scale Border Wall Prototypes In Tests
  9 charged in TV crew's fake bomb stunt at Newark airport TSA checkpoint
  Trump signs surveillance extension into law
  Former Trump aide Omarosa may have taped White House discussions, fears Mueller wants to talk to her
  [Video] - Omarosa Explosive Interview On Trump WH Exit: I Have A "Profound Story" To Tell That World Will Want To Hear
  Live coverage: Federal government on brink of shutdown
  Congress, Trump down to the wire on shutdown
  Russian Doomsday Torpedo
  Turpin case: Siblings allegedly starved, shackled and taunted with food
  Man Mad About Very Old Fart Sets House on Fire: Cops
  Trump budget chief predicts shutdown deal within 24 hours
  Trump backs GOP leader plan of keeping government open 4 weeks
Thursday, January 18, 2018
  Trump announces petty Fake News Awards
  Trump's 'Fake News"' the second-most annoying phrase of 2017
  The Highly-Anticipated 2017 Fake News Awards
  Kelly told Dems Trump's wall promises were "uninformed"
  White House official: Trump immigration views have evolved
  Trump Reportedly 'Hated' John Kelly's Comments That His Views on Wall Are 'Evolving'
  Study: 90% of Network Coverage of President Trump Negative in 2017
  President Trump has made more than 2,000 false or misleading claims over 355 days
  Trump Reveals Some Surprise at Winning
  Trump baffles GOP with tweet scrambling shutdown talks
  Senate Dems say they have votes to block spending bill as shutdown edges closer
  There are 3.6M 'DREAMers' - a number far greater than commonly known
  Mark Meadows: Republican leadership doesn't have enough votes to pass stopgap spending bill
  Dale Earnhardt Jr. crashes in snowstorm, warns N.C. residents 'stay off the roads'
  Scientific Panel Supports Significantly Lower Drunk Driving Threshold
  U.S. Plans New Nuclear Weapons
  Trump administration wants new 'low-yield' nukes, leaked report shows
  Exclusive: Here Is A Draft Of Trump's Nuclear Review. He Wants A Lot More Nukes.
  Al-Qaeda Bomb Instructions are a Free Download at Barnes & Noble
  What would stay open, close during a federal government shutdown
  Pence still plans to leave D.C. Friday, despite shutdown drama
Wednesday, January 17, 2018
  Graham: 'This has turned into a s-show'
  Trump's 'Fake News Awards' are shaping up to be a total flop
  Jeff Flake's speech comparing Trump to Stalin
  Will the Federal Government Shut Down Again?!
  What happens if the government shuts down?
  Did Cook County's failed soda tax cause sales taxes to fizzle, too?
  [Photo] - Soda Tax Sticker Shock Grips Seattle
  Read: President Trump's physical exam results
  Late-night hosts on Trump's physical: 'Despite all evidence, he does have a heart'
  Sanjay Gupta: By all standards, Trump has heart disease
  The Next Hurdle for a Healthy Trump? Getting Some Exercise
  BMI is an imperfect measure of health. Even President Trump's.
  Trump Throws CNN's Jim Acosta Out of Oval Office
  Senators rip Trump over his attacks on the media
  [Video] - Senator Jeff Flake Compares President Donald Trump's Rhetoric To Josef Stalin
  'The free press is the despot's enemy': Read Flake's Senate speech condemning Trump
  McCAIN: Mr. President, stop attacking the press
  Dow spikes 322 points, closes above 26,000 for the first time
  Irrational exuberance
  Cryptocurrency bloodbath continues as bitcoin falls below $10,000
  Twenty years ago, the Drudge Report broke the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal
  Inside the room: What Steve Bannon told Congress yesterday
  Oprah 2020 gets low ratings from voters
  Health Experts Issue Warnings About the Potentially Deadly 'Tide Pod Challenge'
  YouTube is taking down Tide Pod Challenge videos and oh my god don't eat laundry pods
  Poison control calls 'spike' due to online laundry pod challenge
  Holding back a sneeze could kill you
  Exclusive: Trump says Russia helping North Korea skirt sanctions
  [Photo] - Famous MJ-BJ billboard from 1998
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