Sunday May 20, 2018
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Friday, May 18, 2018
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Friday, May 18, 2018
  Santa Fe High School shooting: What we know, what we don't know
  Details on the shooter
  10 dead after gunman opens fire at Texas high school; student suspect in custody, explosives found
  [Video] - Santa Fe student: "Eventually it was going to happen here, too."
  Parkland Students Respond to Texas School Shooting: 'DO SOMETHING'
  [Photos] - Shooter: Red flags
  Polk County putting an officer in every school following Texas shooting
  This officer stopped a school shooter before anyone got hurt
  No, there have not been 18 school shootings already this year
  Trump Reportedly Asked U.S. Postmaster to Double Amazon's Shipping Costs
  [Video] - TX Lt. Governor, Amid Search For Answers on School Shooting: Too Many Entrances and Exits May Be a Problem
  [Video] - Man carrying an American Flag and wearing a handgun on his hip came to Santa Fe High School to offer support
  [Video] - Ted Cruz Speaks on Santa Fe Shooting: 'There Have Been Too Damn Many of These'
  CNN, AP Update Tweets Saying Trump Called Immigrants 'Animals,' Clarify He Meant MS-13
  [Video] - Chuck Todd Backs Trump For Calling MS-13 Gang Members Animals: 'I Don't Care Where They're From'
Thursday, May 17, 2018
  Trump offers 'congratulations' to America on anniversary of Mueller investigation
  Trump's 'Animals' Are MS-13 Members, Not All Illegal Immigrants
  Trump's full Roundtable remarks
  [Video] - CNN, NYT, ABC News, C-SPAN Take Trump Out of Context to Falsely Suggest He Called Immigrants 'Animals'
  MSNBC, CNN Have Been Pitched Show Featuring Avenatti, Scaramucci
  [Video] - Sarah Sanders: 'The Term Animal Doesn't Go Far Enough'
  This officer stopped a school shooter before anyone got hurt
  Colorado company designs portable bulletproof shields for students to carry in backpacks
  Bulletproof backpacks get OK from Louisiana Legislature
  Starbucks Facing More Racism Allegations After Latino Customer Receives Cup With 'Beaner' On The Label
  Gina Haspel confirmed as CIA director, first woman to lead agency
  Trump offers 'protections' if Kim surrenders nukes
  [Video] - Pro-Trump Lawyer Has Meltdown When Deli Worker Speaks Spanish in NYC
  Lawyer Who Went on Viral Xenophobic Rant Banned From His NYC Office
  New York politicians file formal complaint against lawyer whose racist rant went viral
  GoFundMe page raises money to send mariachi band, taco truck to troll NY lawyer who threatened to call ICE on restaurant employees
  [Video] - Racist lawyer runs scared from cameras outside home
  [Video] - FBI Head Christopher Wray: Russia Probe Not a Witch Hunt
  Trump: Report that Obama FBI spied on campaign could be 'bigger than Watergate'
  [Video] - Giuliani 'Shocked' by Report of FBI Spying on Trump Campaign
Wednesday, May 16, 2018
  North Korea takes aim at John Bolton as it threatens to scrap Trump summit over nuclear demands
  Trump Holds Firm Amid North Korea Threat to Bail on Summit, Says Denuclearization is Still a Must
  Allegiant passenger steals life vest, stuffs it in toilet, delaying flight, officials say
  B-52 bomber excluded from drills after North Korea complains
  North Korea's Full Statement on Meeting With Trump
  [Video] - "Face the Nation": John Bolton discusses Libya model
  [Video] - Tillerson Decries 'Alternative Realities,' Leaders Who 'Conceal the Truth' in Loaded Commencement Speech
  [Video] - Coffee shop ejects man for 'very racist' rant at Muslim woman. Good call, chain says
  Can Islamic Clothing Be Worn in an Official ID photo?
  Parkland Resource Officer Who Failed to Confront Shooter Receives Monthly Pension of $8,702
  [Audio] - Yanni vs. Laurel
  Russia's Hypersonic Weapon Will Likely Be Ready for War by 2020: US Intelligence Reports
  Melania Trump tweets thanks
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