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  • Welcome To The All New SchnittShow.com
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Friday, August 18, 2017
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Friday, August 18, 2017
  KC O'Dea Wraps Up The Vacation Week
  John Kelly, Steve Bannon Agree Today Is Bannon's Last Day
  Let's Destroy All The Statues Of Dead White Guys, Including Abraham Lincoln
  [Video] - Corker: Trump hasn't demonstrated the stability or competence to be successful
  Trump suggests taking a page out of Pershing's book to handle radical Islam
  The Latest: Trump revives discredited tale about pigs' blood
  Here's how to contribute to the eclipse's expected $694 million in workplace productivity losses
  Everything You Need To Know About 2017's Total Eclipse
  Eclipse concerns cause school district to cancel classes
  Still need a pair of solar eclipse glasses? Here's where to find them. (Maybe.)
  Once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse is a bonanza for hotels, airlines
  [Video] - Dodge Deletes 'Roadkill' Posts After Social Media Backlash
  [Photo] - Atlanta Monument Meant to Champion Unity Desecrated by Communist Protesters
  NASA's Voyager Missions Are Equipped With Maps That Could Lead Aliens To Earth
  No, a Map NASA Sent to Space Is Not Dangerous to Earth
Thursday, August 17, 2017
  Greg Knapp Sitting In For Schnitt
  Barcelona attack: 13 confirmed dead after van hits Las Ramblas crowds
  More than 50 injured in Barcelona terror attack
  Major Figures Work To Mainstream Violent Antifa Protesters
  Hillary's Campaign Spokesman Compares D-Day Soldiers To Antifa
  Trump Says Statue Situation Is Sad State of Affairs
  CNN's Chris Cuomo Also Compares Antifa Terrorists to WWII Veterans
  8 now charged in destruction of Confederate statue in Durham
  Communist Activists Who Took Down Statue Say "Cops and Klan Go Hand in Hand"
  [Video] - Gov. McAuliffe Tells Nazis To Go Home, While Pissing The Left Off
  [Video] - CNN Op-Ed Attacks McAuliffe For Praising Slave Owners
  Chicago pastor urges mayor to remove George Washington statue, rename park over slavery
  It Begins: Democratic Strategist Calls for Statues of Washington to 'Come Down'
  Al Sharpton: Defund The Jefferson Memorial, Asking Me To "Subsidize The Insult Of My Family"
  Iceland Eliminates People with Down Syndrome
  Honolulu 'Distracted Walking Law' Outlaws Texting within Crosswalks
  [Video] - Missouri Senator Makes Facebook Post Hoping For Assassination of Trump
  [Video] - Mike Dyson Says Antifa Violence Is Okay Because It Preserves Fabric of America
  What is 'Antifa'? And why is the media so reluctant to expose it?
  Why Are People Volunteering For Segregation Now
  Al Sharpton: Let's Abandon The Jefferson Monument Because He Owned Slaves
  Wolf Blitzer wonders if Barcelona terror attack was a Charlottesville 'copycat'
Wednesday, August 16, 2017
  KC O'Dea in for Schnitt
  Donald Trump jokes about being added to Mount Rushmore
  Sign The Petition to Add Donald Trump to Mt Rushmore
  James Woods thinks #liberals want to destroy all statues, everywhere
  Democrats Attempting To Erase History In American South
  Why aren't blm, black panthers, and antifa labeled as terrorist groups
  Flashback: Antifa Has Long History Of Agitation, Violence, Destruction to Property
  Former College Prof Arrested For Antifa Bike-Lock Attacks In Berkeley
  Why Were The Police Held Back In Charlottesville?
  Protesters blame Charlottesville police for not stopping violence
  Alt-Right Claims They Will Continue To Ramp Up Efforts
  [Video] - Trump questions where leftists will stop with their statue phobia
  [Video] - Communist Leftists Tear Down Confederate Statue in North Carolina
  North Carolina Police Begin Arresting Communists Who Took Down Statues
  Communists Using Statues As Front For Cultural Warfare
  NC Governor Calls For Removal of All Confederate Monuments
  NC Lt. Gov Dan Forest Joins KC To Discuss How On Side's Extremists Create The Other's
  Bees swarm Palmdale High School; 35 transported to hospitals
  [Photo] - CARY, NC Store Has Mannequins Adjusted to Heil Hitler
  Leftists Working Feverishly To Restrict the First Amendment
  Abrams calls for removal of Confederate faces off Stone Mountain
  Alt-Right Demonstrations Are Scheduled for Nine Cities Next Weekend
  [Video] - CNN/George W Bush Hack Says Trump 'Unfit to be Human'
  [Photo] - Mining complex on the moon? UFO hunter claims structures visible
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