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  • Welcome To The All New SchnittShow.com
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Wednesday, June 21, 2017
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Wednesday, June 21, 2017
  Police officer stabbed at Michigan airport
  Suspect shouted 'Allahu Akbar' before stabbing officer at Flint, Mich. airport
  Flint Officer Now In Stable Condition
  FBI Holds Briefing on Flint, Michigan Stabbing
  Handel Defeats Ossoff in GA For Republicans' Fifth Straight Victory
  ISIS's Perverse, Bloody Interpretation of Ramadan
  TSA fails 95% of airport security tests
  Map reveals most DANGEROUS destinations in Europe
  [Video] - Notre Dame: Attacker shouted that he was a soldier of Isil
  [Video] - The Anthem for Georgia Democrats After Last Night
  [Photo] - You could say Republicans are...laughing their Ossoff at this
  Republican Ralph Norman wins South Carolina 5th Congressional District special election
  Ralph Norman Wins President Underwood's Old Seat
  Gianforte causes stir after becoming newest House member
  Man Yells "Allahu Akbar", FBI Says "Motive Unclear" -_-
  Congressional Black Caucus Declines To Meet With Donald Trump
  [Video] - Officer Darren Wilson -- I Did Nothing Wrong ... and I'd Do It Again
  Can lone wolves be stopped?
  Woman with pistol in vagina gets probation for meth possession, police say
  [Photo] - Marco Rubio's Failed Hug With Ivanka
  It's National Selfie Day, But Not Everyone Is In The Spirit
  New Penalties For Anyone Using The Phrase "There's no there there"
  What Isn't a Secret About McConnell's Health Care Bill
  McCain: I Haven't Seen The Health Care Bill, But I'm Sure Russia Has
  [Video] - Mike Lee to critics of GOP healthcare bill process: 'I share your frustration'
  FBI Determines Fliny Stabbing IS Act of Terrorism...Ya Think?
  [Video] - Jeh Johnson testifies DNC rejected DHS help on hack
  Wait, Hillary Clinton still has a State Department security clearance?
  One America News Network Pulls Lucrative Offer For Bill O'Reilly
  Pres. Trump May Make Press Briefings Weekly, Screen Questions
  MSNBC Ad Rates $oar Under Trump Presidency
Tuesday, June 20, 2017
  Otto Warmbier, American Student Released From North Korea, Dies
  Trump ready to take action against North Korea?
  Kim Jong Un lives in fear of assassination by western 'decapitation' team, says report
  Flashback: Why Warmbier Was Arrested in North Korea
  Obama Issues Statement On Otto Warmbier After Being Blasted By Family
  US Considers Travel Restrictions to North Korea Following Warmbier Death
  Georgia's Special Election Comes to a Nail-Biting Finish
  Flashback: Republicans Won Montana Race In More Way Than One
  [Photo] - Jackwagon Mugshot Of The Day! - Man Exposes Himself At Pool
  Miracle Flights: From 2012, Applies Even More So Today
  New Independent Report Suggests Seth Rich Murdered by Serial Killer, Not Robebry
  Rock band The Slants' victory in court secures your rights
  [Video] - Spicer: I haven't talked to Trump about whether Russia is behind election meddling
  John McCain: North Korea killed Otto Warmbier
  Suspected suicide bomber shot at Brussels railway station
  Colorado group wants to ban sale of cellphones to kids under 13 years old
Monday, June 19, 2017
  A little role reversal in the Finsbury car attack
  Finsbury Park attack: Theresa May condemns 'sickening' terror attack
  Pence parlor game: who would he pick for Veep?
  Three members of Mueller's team have donated to Democrats
  Lawmakers ought to be able to carry guns, Georgia congressman says
  Why The United States Needs To Unite On Carry Reciprocity
  Bill O'Reilly Prepares to Launch Streaming-Video Program
  List of Republican congressmen found with baseball practice shooter
  Bill O'Reilly promises to make news about his firing
  Carrie Fisher Had Cocaine and Opiates in Her System at Time of Death
  Baseball Player Has Scary Moment Mid-Game
  Abu Hamza tells court story of how he lost his hands and eye in explosion
  Finsbury Park Mosque has links to Pakistani Bomb Maker Imam Abu Hamza
  Otto Warmbier dies days after release from North Korean detainment
  Otto Warmbier: How did North Korea holiday end in jail, and a coma?
  Megyn Kelly didn't make Alex Jones look bad
  Megyn Kelly's ratings way down after Alex Jones interview
  [Video] - VICE Piece on Alex Jones
  What we know about Navy destroyer's deadly collision
  [Audio] - Newscasters Take Note: How to pronounce Yokosuka
  Trump questions logic of latest investigation
  [Video] - Fox News anchor clashes with Trump attorney in fiery interview
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