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Friday, May 24, 2019
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Friday, May 24, 2019
  [Video] - The president didn't tweet a 'doctored' Pelosi video, but his lawyer did
  [Video] - Trump Sparks Outrage By Posting Edited Video of Stammering Pelosi: 'Shocking'
  [Video] - Trump: on Pelosi: 'You Think Nancy's the Same as She Was? She's Not'
  Rudy Giuliani Mercilessly Mocked Over Bizarre 'Ivesssapology' Tweet: 'Who's Drunk Now?'
  Court Orders A Trial in Prevagen Lawsuit
  Hailed a hero in UNCC shooting, Riley Howell awarded 2 of the military's highest honors
  [Video] - Nadler Feeling 'Much Better' After Falling Ill During NYC News Conference
  [Video] - Omarosa: Trump Has A List Of "Crazy" Ideas That He Uses To Distract The Media
  Cold offices could make women less productive at work, study finds
  After Blackface Controversies In Virginia State Government, Activists Dig Into More Yearbooks
  Guardian spurs media outlets to consider stronger climate language
  [Video] - AOC called out by meteorologist after linking DC tornado warning to climate change
  Working a NINE-HOUR WEEK could be the key to saving us all, experts say
  Even if the FAA clears Boeing 737 Max jets to fly, Americans may not get on board
  Just five alcoholic drinks a week could shorten your life, study says
  900-pound drug defendant pleads guilty from inside ambulance in extraordinary hearing in Richmond
  Man peed on memorial for dead 9-year-old and 'it's sickening,' boy's family says
Thursday, May 23, 2019
  John Walker Lindh, American who became Taliban fighter, released from prison after 17 years
  Prison Letters From 'American Taliban' Underscore Concerns Over His Supervised Release
  In letter, 'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh said ISIS 'doing a spectacular job'
  [Video] - Release of 'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh from prison is unconscionable, says Pompeo
  2017: John Walker Lindh, Detainee #001 in the Global War On Terror, Will Go Free In Two Years. What Then?
  [Video] - Speaker Pelosi Concerned About Trump's 'Well-Being': Calls for 'Intervention for the 'Good of the Country'
  'American Taliban' released from prison, a key case for questions about radicals re-entering society
  [Video] - Pelosi tells colleagues Trump is 'villainous' - and that he wants to be impeached
  [Video] - Speaker Pelosi Scolds Reporter for Asking if She'll Stop Saying 'Cover-Up': 'You Have Bought Into His Excuse'
  'The Jeffersons,' 'All in the Family' Special Poised to Shake Up Several Emmy Acting Races
  ABC's Live Norman Lear Revival Was a Nostalgic, Comforting Love Letter to TV
  [Video] - WATCH: Jamie Foxx Flubs a Line During Live All in the Family Revival, Sparks Laughing Fit Among Cast
  Why Trump's new $16B farmer bailout could hurt agriculture
  [Video] - Multi-Millionaire Kellyanne Conway Goes After Fellow Multi-Millionaire Nancy Pelosi: Treats Me Like I'm Her Maid
  Trump calls Tillerson "dumb as a rock" over claims about Putin meeting
  Smarter people listen to instrumental music! Those who love jazz and classical genres are smarter than individuals who prefer lyrics
  [Video] - "Dueling Banjos" from "Deliverance"
  [Video] - Trump Destroys Pelosi: "She's a Mess, Let's Face It... It's a Do Nothing Congress... She's Lost it"
  Credit and debit cards have more germs than urinals in a train station, study says
  Violent tornadoes tear across Missouri, killing 3 and leaving extensive damage
  President Trump went to 'extraordinary lengths' to hide details of Putin meetings, report says
  Trump heaped nothing but praise on Tillerson in nomination announcement
  Pelosi's latest shot at Trump
  [Video] - Trump Makes All His Senior Officials Take Turns Swearing He Didn't Throw Tantrum With Pelosi
  'Vomit fraud' on the rise among some ride-share services, including steep fees
  Pinellas County Lyft rider faces steep fee following alleged 'vomit fraud'
  China Raises Threat of Rare-Earths Cutoff to U.S.
  China has been emitting illegal greenhouse gas that destroys ozone layer, scientists find
  Police make deal with fugitive to surrender if his wanted poster gets 15,000 Facebook likes
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
  [Video] - Woman crashes stolen RV in Simi Valley
  [Video] - Pelosi After Meeting With Dems: We Believe the President Is 'Engaged in a Cover-Up'
  [Video] - Trump Blows Up Talk With Dems, Bashes Pelosi's 'Cover-Up' Remarks
  [Video] - Chuck and Nancy fire back at Trump
  [Audio] - 1973: John Dean & President Nixon discuss paying off Watergate burglars
  New Jersey man arrested for threatening to blow up Trump Tower on Instagram
  Four in 10 Americans Embrace Some Form of Socialism
  San Diego Tank Rampage
  [Video] - WATCH: 1995 San Diego tank rampage
  Federal judge in New York says he won't block congressional subpoenas seeking Trump's banking records
  [Video] - Housing Secretary Ben Carson confuses real estate term "REO" with "Oreo"
  [Video] - REO Speedwagon - "Keep on Loving You"
  [Video] - Ben Carson Blames Democrats' 'Alinsky' Tactics for His 'Oreo' Moment
  Parents are poisoning their children with bleach to 'cure' autism. These moms are trying to stop it.
  Homemade Natural Sunscreen is Dangerous and a Bad Idea
  Healthy dog euthanized to be buried with dead owner as her will requested
  [Video] - Funny Schnitt: Ocasio-Cortez "out takes"
  White House Aides Tried to Stop Trump from Doing Speech Railing Against Democrats: ABC News
  George Conway attacks Trump as 'most unfit and incompetent president' in US history
  [Video] - Nancy Pelosi Doubles Down on 'Cover-Up' Remarks After Trump Explodes: 'Could Be an Impeachable Offense'
  Michael Avenatti Indicted for Identity Theft, Defrauding Stormy Daniels Out of Almost $300,000
  Joe Biden's campaign responds to North Korea criticizing him using Trump's 'low IQ' individual insult
  He Was Branded the 'American Taliban.' Now He's Getting Out of Jail.
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