Sunday July 15, 2018
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Friday, July 13, 2018
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Friday, July 13, 2018
  [NSFW] - Charming anti-Trump British protester
  Trumps meet Queen Elizabeth II, treated to royal pomp, pageantry and tea
  8 ways Trump could offend the Queen when they finally meet
  12 Russian Agents Indicted in Mueller Investigation
  [Video] - Rosenstein: Trump 'fully aware' of Russian indictments
  Russian military stole information of 500,000 voters
  [Video] - Trump Rips NBC After Kristen Welker Asks if He's Giving 'Upper Hand' to Putin: 'Possibly Worse Than CNN'
  [Video] - Trump Shuts Down Jim Acosta During U.K. Presser: 'I Don't Take Questions From CNN'
  Trump denies he criticized British prime minister after criticizing her
  Fox News' John Roberts Addresses Presser Flap: Unfair For Trump to Call CNN Fake News
  Rudy Giuliani touts Russian hacking indictments as 'good news for all Americans'
  America has just one Blockbuster left
  Paul Ryan says a family of woodchucks ate his car
  Collective animal nouns
  Baron Cohen pranks 2 more celebrity politicians for show
  Honey Smacks salmonella cases reach 100
  'No boob or sock money' store stops accepting sweaty cash
Thursday, July 12, 2018
  FBI's Peter Strzok testifies on anti-Trump bias before House panel
  Strzok hearing devolves into partisan fighting
  Read FBI's Strzok, Page texts about Trump
  [Video] - Strzok Defends Anti-Trump Texts: 'Simply No Evidence of Bias in My Actions'
  [Video] - Rep. Cohen tells Strzok he deserves a Purple Heart
  [Video] - Peter Strzok forced to read his own anti-Trump texts
  [Video] - Peter Strzok Blasts House Hearing: This is 'Another Victory Notch in Putin's Belt'
  Charges against Stormy Daniels are dismissed after Ohio strip club arrest
  [Video] - CHAOS: Rep. Gohmert Derails Hearing By Asking Strzok How He Lied to Wife's Face About Affair
  President Trump Will Meet Queen Elizabeth II on Friday. Here's What He Should-and Shouldn't Do
  Twitter purge wipes out a big chunk of Trump, Obama followers - and Twitter's own
  Trump To Be Greeted In England By 650-Foot Crop Circle With A Very Rude Message
  [Photo] - London's Mayor OK'd a Giant "Baby Trump" Blimp to Fly Over the City
  A Disguised Sacha Baron Cohen Trolls Sarah Palin: 'I Did NOT Say I Was a War Vet'
  Roy Moore threatens legal action against Sacha Baron Cohen after prank for upcoming project
  Papa John's founder John Schnatter resigns as chairman of board after using racial slur
  Palin stormed out of Sacha Baron Cohen interview when he asked her about a government-funded SEX CHANGE operation for Chelsea Clinton
  Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Sick' Prank on Sarah Palin Might Constitute Stolen Valor
  Dancing FBI agent who shot man after backflip at Denver bar gets his gun back
Wednesday, July 11, 2018
  Trump suggests NATO allies raise target spending to 4 percent
  Papa John's rocked by founder's n-word scandal
  Twitter rebounds after CFO eases concerns about number of accounts taken down
  [Video] - Trump Unleashes Rant at 'Delinquent' NATO Allies During Photo-op Breakfast
  Trump: Germany 'captive' to Russia after pipeline deal
  [Video] - Trump won't say if Putin is friend or foe
  The Pipeline Trump Says Risks Making Germany 'a Captive of Russia'
  Sarah Palin accuses Sacha Baron Cohen of duping her for Showtime series
  2001: For First Time, NATO Invokes Article 5
  BBC: Can NATO survive US President Donald Trump?
  Papa John's Founder Used N-Word On Conference Call
  England v. Croatia
  [Video] - Trump and Merkel make nice after contentious breakfast
  Croatia beats England 2-1, will face France in final
  Stormy Daniels strips near the White House as Trump reveals Brett Kavanaugh as pick for Supreme Court
  Facebook gave Russian internet company data access extension
  Stolen U.S. Military Drone Documents Found for Sale on Dark Web, Researchers Say
  A movie about the Thai cave rescue is already in the works
  Final group was pulled from Thai cave just before water pump malfunction
  'Horny' Off-Duty Pilot Groped Woman, Masturbated On United Flight, Lawsuit Says
  Judge to Manafort: Don't Worry, the Jail You're Going to Knows How to Handle Terrorists, Traitors and Spies
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