Wednesday December 12, 2018
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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Wednesday, December 12, 2018
  Michael Cohen Sentenced to 3 Years After Implicating Trump in Hush-Money Scandal
  Deal lets tabloid avoid U.S. charges over hush money in 2016 election
  Judge William H. Pauley III
  Michael Cohen says he felt it was his 'duty' to 'cover up' Trump's 'dirty deeds,'
  Quotes from Cohen's court appearance
  A three-year-old tweet comes back to haunt Michael Cohen
  Theresa May wins confidence vote after 200 MPs back her leadership
  Pundits speculate this is where Cohen will be incarcerated
  Mika Brzezinski Blasted For Making Homophobic Remark About Mike Pompeo: 'Deeply Disturbing'
  Mika Brzezinski Apologizes for Calling Pompeo a 'Wannabe Dictator's Butt-Boy'
  [Video] - Mika Brzezinski Calls Secretary of State Mike Pompeo a 'Wannabe Dictator's Butt-Boy'
  National Enquirer publisher admits to suppressing story for Trump
  Former Trump Fixer Michael Cohen Gets 3 Years Prison, Here Is The Breakdown
  [Video] - Fox News' Napolitano: Federal Prosecutors Have Evidence Trump Committed a Felony
  Trump says he is not concerned about being impeached, defends payments to women
  Trump reportedly raged after his meeting with Schumer and Pelosi
  No evidence for Trump claim on 'terrorists': government sources
  Exclusive: The DCNF asked Climate Accord backers if they'd support banning private jets. Most didn't respond
  Explorer who spotted Titanic says his mission was plot to trick Russia
Tuesday, December 11, 2018
  Trump, Democrats battle over wall in Oval Office spat
  Pelosi privately disses Trump's manhood after White House meeting
  [Video] - Trump, Pelosi and Schumer Have Explosive, Televised Shouting Match Over Border Wall: 'I Won't Take It!'
  [Video] - Chuck Schumer Roasts Trump to His Face: When the 'President Brags He Won North Dakota, He's in Trouble'
  Trump's Reality Show in the Oval Office
  Trump Hedges on $5 Billion for Border Wall on Day of Meeting With Schumer, Pelosi
  Five Marines Declared Dead After Aviation Disaster
  Rudy Giuliani's 'Truth isn't truth' is 2018's most notable quote
  AP fact check: Pence flubs federal statistics on terrorists
  [Video] - The 17 gripping minutes that captivated Washington
  5 Takeaways From Trump's Meeting With Pelosi and Schumer
  Judge orders Stormy Daniels to pay Trump $293K in legal fees
  [Video] - April 2018: Giuliani: Truth isn't truth
  Behind closed doors, Pelosi disparages Trump's 'manhood'
  [Photo] - Mike Pence's Stoic Reaction During Oval Office Meltdown Sparks Memes, Questions: Is This 'Weekend at Bernie's?'
  [Video] - Teen quits job at Grande Prairie Walmart with epic rant
  Trump no longer insists Mexico pay for wall
  [Video] - Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is the most streamed song from the 20th century
  NBA star Stephen Curry doesn't believe in moon landing
  'I can't breathe': Transcript of recording details Khashoggi's final moments before murder
  [Video] - Trump Doubles Down on Shutdown Threat: 'I Don't Mind Owning That Issue'
  Manafort might not fight claims he lied to Mueller
  Flynn to make arguments against prison time in Russia probe
  [Video] - Man says his takeout food came with soiled underpants
  Google's Sundar Pichai was grilled on privacy, data collection, and China during congressional hearing
  Google's CEO had to remind Congress that Google doesn't make iPhones
  US Army eyes new automatic rifle that fires with pressure equivalent to tank: report
  Kellyanne Conway with the line of the day
Monday, December 10, 2018
  Help Wanted: White House Chief Of Staff
  Nasdaq pushes higher as broader stock market pares sharp decline
  Police say they arrested porch thief who stole urine jug, clothing, dog food
  Trump's 'Smocking Gun' becomes mocking fun (for some)
  Prosecutors Say Trump Directed Illegal Payments During Campaign
  Nasa admits 'tiny super-intelligent' aliens may have ALREADY visited Earth - and says some UFO sightings 'cannot be explained or denied'
  Dow briefly plunges below 24,000 before staging a huge comeback
  [Video] - 'It's Not Debatable': Napolitano Shoots Down Giuliani Defense of Porn Star Payoff
  Trump considering handful of candidates for chief of staff: sources
  Wall Street Rule for the #MeToo Era: Avoid Women at All Cost
  Kavanaugh Sides With Liberals in Planned Parenthood Decision, and Conservative Justices Are Not Happy
  President Trump defends payments to women as 'private transaction'
  Moon landing conspiracy theories
  Capricorn One
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