Saturday August 15, 2020
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Friday, August 14, 2020
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Friday, August 14, 2020
  KC O'Dea in for Schnitt
  Kamala Harris Is Eligible to Serve as President
  Police: North Carolina man faces murder charge in shooting death of 5-year-old boy
  Opinion: The 'Fox Eye Challenge' ignores underlying racism, cultural appropriation
  [Video] - : Kamala Harris Blows Off Trump Attacks as She Signs Documents Saying She's 'Qualified to Serve' As Vice President
  Ex-FBI Lawyer To Plead Guilty In Durham Criminal Investigation For Allegedly Falsifying Evidence
  State Dept. hits NBC News' Wuhan lab article as 'regurgitated Chinese Communist Party propaganda'
  Washington Post columnist Rogin calls out NBC News over 'several errors' in report on Wuhan lab
  'Blazing Saddles': HBO Max Includes TCM Notice To Provide Context For Mel Brooks' Western Spoof
  OPINION: Ridiculous trigger warning for 'Blazing Saddles' shows how far culture has gone off rails
  Postal service warning states it may not be able to deliver ballots in time based on current election rules
  Exclusive: Postal service inspector general reviewing DeJoy's policy changes and potential ethics conflicts
  Trump panel found no evidence of widespread voter fraud, sought 'pre-ordained outcome': Former member
  Oregon State Police troopers leaving federal courthouse in downtown Portland
  'Terror Crocodile' Deinosuchus ate dinosaurs with teeth the size of bananas
  [Photo] - Amber Fossil Shows 'Hell Ant' Was Unlike Anything Alive Today
  'Vampire' parasite pretends to be fish's tongue - but only after eating it first
  [Video] - Bison rips pants off woman in violent attack caught on video
  [Video] - St. Pete Police arrests man for living inside downtown soccer stadium
  Trump visits hospitalized younger brother in New York
  CDC Says Those Infected By COVID-19 Have 3 Month Immunity
  American Passports Are Useless Now
Thursday, August 13, 2020
  'Winning Has Come Through Revolts': A Black Lives Matter Activist On Why She Supports Looting
  [Video] - Chicago mayor says looting was "straight-up felony criminal conduct"
  Chicago looters smash Ronald McDonald House with terrified sick kids inside
  China claims to have found coronavirus on frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil
  U.S. Coronavirus Death Tally Hits New High for Summer
  CDC director warns of 'worst fall' in history if people don't follow COVID-19 guidelines
  "Bottom line is, I'm not pleased with how things are going," Fauci says
  [Video] - Gottlieb says U.S. could reach 300,000 COVID deaths by end of the year
  CDC Director Says U.S. Government Was 'Underprepared' For Coronavirus Pandemic
  Federal pandemic money fell for years. Trump's budgets didn't help
  Psychics seeing uptick in business
  [Video] - Coronavirus in Context: CDC Director Discusses Next Steps in the War Against COVID
  [Video] - Did Joe Biden just say "expedentially" or did he say "exponentially"? Is he losing it? You decide
  [Video] - Family kicked off Southwest flight because 3-year-old boy with autism would not wear face mask
  Bernie supporters, progressives trash Biden-Harris ticket: A 'middle finger' to the base
  AOC only gets 60 seconds for recorded message at Convention
  Herman Cain is tweeting from beyond the grave and people are very confused
  Mystery masks: Unsolicited face masks from China arriving in Tampa Bay mailboxes
  Michael Cohen Claims Trump Wanted Him Dead, Witnessed 'Golden Showers at a Sex Club in Vegas' in Jawdropping Book Excerpt
Wednesday, August 12, 2020
  So it's Senator Kamala Harris? Want to bet?
  [Video] - Black Lives Matter Holds Rally Supporting Individuals Arrested in Chicago Looting
  55 Things You Need to Know About Kamala Harris
  Kamala Harris failed to go after Steven Mnuchin or his OneWest Bank
  Air passenger traffic is down 75% but TSA found 3 times the rate of guns it did in July last year
  QAnon Supporter Who Made Bigoted Videos Wins Ga. Primary, Likely Heading To Congress
  Trump congratulates QAnon conspiracy theorist on GOP runoff win
  Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon supporter who made racist videos, wins GOP nod in Georgia
  Republicans called her videos 'appalling' and 'disgusting.' But they're doing little to stop her.
  Trump Campaign Goes After GOP Rep. Who Denounced Marjorie Greene
  Stevie Nicks urges fans to wear a mask and fears if she contracts Covid-19 she'll never sing again
  No sign of stimulus deal in sight as Pelosi says Dems, White House are 'miles apart'
  'This is no longer a debate': Marion County sheriff bans deputies from wearing face masks
  Oxford COVID-19 study: face masks and coverings work
  Teen vapers up to 7 times more likely to get COVID-19 than non-e-cig users, says new Stanford study
  Lawmakers urge the FDA to temporarily clear e-cigarettes from market amid Covid pandemic. Here's why
  UCSF scientists develop nasal spray to fight COVID-19
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